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Being Central-American & Goth/Industrial

I didn't see a post on this subject from the recent entries, though I'm sure there has been, but I decided I would add my take on this...

As we know, the traditional Latin-American family is very conservative about Roman Catholic values. However, being raised in the multicultural-warzones that are the Urban cities, many of us have rebelled against our parents' traditions to join the devious movements of Goth, Industrial, Metal(s; heavy/death/black/grindcore/thrash/etc), Punk(s; hXc/sXe/crust/etc) and so on, whose dissidence comes from dissatisfaction with what mainstream society has to offer (nothing but commerce, being ruled by social darwinists). Changing our looks ("spooky") and ways ("extreme") might have created much dilemma in the traditional Hispanic home. Some have even severed their ties with their kinsmen, and perhaps some lived well with themselves alone, but this disintegration of family has brought much unhappiness to others. So if these families are to reunite, there will have to be compromises from both sides...

Well, for one thing, if you're a Mexican at least, it is not so shocking to our family depending on how we go about it, because death is already accepted as a natural part of life in our culture. Old customs such as Dia de los Muertos (synthesized with Indigeneous Pagan and Catholic beliefs), the decorating of altars with little Diablos, traditional clothing that are mainly black and red colors, and so forth eliminates any neurosis one might have about death (unless they put the image in your head at a young age that death is the crazy man out to get you like "el cucuy"). It is only when we go to "extremes" that they get bothered. Particularly, metal protruding from our clothing and flesh, and anti-Christian sentiments.

I have nothing against anti-Christians if they make that decision out of dislike for Christianity because it is an absolutist ("The Bible teaches the only true way!"), binary ("this is good, and this is evil"), pity-driven ("Jesus died for us!"), illogically over-moralist ("Nakedness is WRONG!") religion that often has double-standards (thou shalt not kill + the Conquistadors' killing of all the pagans in Mesoamerica). It is only when we go out of our way to viciously slander Christianity that the internal-wars within the traditional family get really bad. Our Traditionalist parents might be disappointed if we reject their faith, but if they're level-headed, they will agree there are things about exoteric Christianity which make it at odds with nature, so have already picked a Gnostic form of it like that of Meister Eckhart or Rene Guenon.

Another thing that really irks Catholic parents is homosexuality and bisexuality. Being gay or bi is one of the worst "blasphemies" once could commit in a Latin culture (Latin-American, Iberian, Italian, etc). My view on gays or bi's is that as long as this is just a sexual preference and they find mates that they really love, then it's perfectly natural and parents should be able to adapt to this. It is only when gays/bi's try to turn this preference into an extreme-Left counterculture and engage in sexual "experimenting" (BDSM [with strangers, that is], "Satanic" orgies, porn films, etc -- when it is no longer love, but animalistic hedonism) that conservatives should get really bothered. I think we'll just have to respect each other for being different (and staying different) instead of trying to get each other to change, or else there would have to be separate laws for both groups (straights & gays) which would mean that the minority gays would have to have their own homeland -- like San Francisco CA or Montrose TX -- so that there won't be discrimination anywhere (including discrimination of conservatives with anti-discrimination laws) because then they wouldn't have to deal with each other anymore.

Hmm... I've got too many thoughts running in my head for me to get them all out right now, and I'm kinda burnt out from not sleeping, so instead of trying to write a whole document, I would like to have a dialogue on this subject...

Otherwise, read the article Disidencia!

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